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How to Make Friends in Hollywood: “catch it whilst you can”

The Bloody Livid Theatre Company presents: How to Make Friends in Hollywood, a one-woman show written and directed by Geronimo Bennington-Poulter, performed by Nyree Williams. Nyree plays a variety of characters, including ageing Hollywood starlet Lindsey Ordell, her daughter Keira, personal assistant Sandra Cave, a gardener called Fernando, and her power-hungry rival, Claire. The premise…


Tonight Alive’s Underworld: underwhelming

The Australian pop-punk band Tonight Alive recently released their fourth and final studio album with their founding member Whakaio Taahi. The album, titled Underworld, features 13 songs in total and these accumulate into a total time of roughly 47 minutes. The album is likely to leave the listener extremely confused, with 13 almost identical songs…


Gigging ain’t dead

Scouting for Girls returned to the LCR for their 10th-anniversary show. Excitement was palpable, with the show selling out at lightning speed. The crowd was remarkably diverse, with plenty of long-term fans mingling with the younger fans. The band’s frontman, Roy Stride, discussed his love of the LCR as a venue and compared the crowd’s…


Kamila Shamsie on Pakistan, colonial history, and her new creative direction

Kamila Shamsie is a British Pakistani novelist whose latest book, Home Fire, which adapts the ancient Greek play Antigone by Sophocles into contemporary settings around the world, has recently been published. The Author writes passionately about both London and her home city of Karachi in Pakistan, as well as other cities such as Amherst and…


Stranger Things returns

It’s been 469 days, or 67 weeks, or over Eleven thousand hours since Stranger Things graced Netflix, and they’ve been some incredibly tense hours. But now, the moment countless fan theories and frantic re-watches have lead to is here: the hugely anticipated release of Season 2. This Halloween, Stranger Things returns with its much anticipated second…


Lucifer: Sympathy for the Devil

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis as the titular fallen angel, and son of God, who decides to take a vacation in present day Los Angeles. In the first season, Lucifer meets Detective Chloe Decker and together they form a crime fighting duo only to discover that Chloe is actually a miracle child sent from God. This…

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