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Review – How To Be Single

Every few years the world of romantic comedies needs a fresh and updated perspective on the status of today’s dating culture. Nevertheless, the structure and themes of each film is relatively unchanged: in this particular case, we revisit what it’s like to be a single woman living in New York City. This 2016 model, however,…

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Review – Dirty Grandpa

Following the death of his wife, a grandfather (De Nero) kidnaps his soon-to-be married, lawyer grandson (Efron) and journeys to Florida for Spring Break. In an attempt to recapture his youth, De Nero’s character unashamedly drags the uptight and often unwilling Efron through a slew of outrageous situations involving alcohol, drugs, and women. The plot…

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Review – Brooklyn

Adapted from Irish novelist Colm Tóibín’s prize-winning novel, Brooklyn elegantly reproduces the traditional immigrant story in a manner that is far from traditional. This is immediately recognisable in the introduction of a female as the protagonist, whereas the immigrant’s journey is typically told from the male perspective. Eilis, played by veteran actress Saoirse Ronan, travels…

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Pop Showdown – One Direction vs Bieber

If you’ve been on social media at all in the last month, you’re likely aware of the album releases from two of pop music’s biggest artists. 13th November is a big day for Justin Bieber and One Direction, as they both attempt to experiment with new sounds in the hopes of garnering fresh audiences and…

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