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Climate Change

Climate Change Corner: Will green technology save us from the climate crisis? (589 words)

At COP26 in Glasgow, world leaders have announced plans to make green technology cheaper and more accessible than highly polluting alternatives. But how far do these announcements go toward making meaningful changes? Will they be enough to help prevent the negative impacts of climate change?    Over 40 world leaders, including those from some of the…


The 2021 Nobel Prizes in Science

The 2021 Nobel Prizes for science have been awarded in the fields of Medicine, Chemistry and Physics. The prizes, founded in accordance with the will of Sir Alfred Nobel in 1895, are some of the most prestigious prizes available in the aforementioned fields.   The Nobel prize for Medicine this year has been awarded to two…


Bizarre Science: Why do we watch horror films?

As Halloween approaches and the nights get darker, lots of people will be settling down to watch a horror film. What is it about these movies that make horror-lovers obsessed with them and keeps them coming back for more jumpscares and gore? What makes someone sign up for a dose of “media-induced masochism”? Science may…


Zombifying Bacteria that Stops Plants from Ageing

Scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have discovered how parasites can manipulate plants into slowing down their ageing process. It is hoped understanding this process may help to prevent the loss of crops threatened by disease.   Parasites attaching to plants can often lead to them failing to grow and reproduce. This means they…


The Infodemic: A Rise in Science Denial

In a recent study from YouGov, it was revealed 20% of adults in Britain believe humanity has secretly made contact with aliens from other worlds.  While conspiracy theories like this may seem harmless on the outside, research from the World Health Organisation points to worrying signs of conspiracy theories being taken more seriously. This trend…

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