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Norwich Researchers make groundbreaking discovery in prostate cancer

Researchers from the University of East Anglia, Earlham Institute and Quadram Institute have helped identify a link between five types of bacteria and aggressive prostate cancer.  Urine and tissue samples were collected from 600 men both with and without prostate cancer, and five bacteria were identified including three that were previously undiscovered. Analysis showed men…

Climate Change, Science

Climate Change Corner: Latest IPCC report says ‘hope for the future is fading fast’

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns if strict and urgent action isn’t taken, a “livable and sustainable” future is in doubt.  The expansive and comprehensive report is based on 34,000 studies and documents from scientists all over the globe. It envisions a future in which people and the natural world…


The Coronavirus Pandemic: Two years onward

Two years ago, on the 26 March, 2020, Britain was plunged into lockdown. Schools shut, businesses ceased trading, and millions of people were urged to stay home. Two years later and the government’s “Living with Covid” plan has been rolled out meaning the end of restrictions in the United Kingdom. Given the changes occurring these…


Implant helps paralysed man walk again

A paralysed man, Michel Roccati, has regained the ability to walk thanks to an electrical implant created by a team of Swiss scientists. Roccati was paralysed in a motorcycle accident five years ago and had no feeling at all in his legs. This is the first time someone with a complete cut in their spinal…


Volcanic Eruption in Tonga 

An eruption from the underwater volcano Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai in the South Pacific has triggered a large tsunami, prompting intrigue from expert scientists who say it is “unlike anything we’ve seen before”.   The eruption took place in the late afternoon of 15 January, with debris shooting up 34 miles in the air accompanied by…

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