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George Barker

A 3rd year Historian with a penchant for pointless facts, a mild Board game addiction and a passion for film. George takes inspiration from his role model Jonah. J. Jameson. His talents include caffeine consumption, achieving a decent pub quiz score and remaining calm in the face of Vogon poetry. His goals this year include exposing that Criminal Spiderman!

The myth of the gun

In 2014, 21% of video game sales in the US were ‘Shooters’, and another 28% were ‘Action’ games, likely featuring guns in some capacity....

Review – Dad’s Army

Opening with ‘The year is 1944. On the brink of defeat, our Nation….’ the trailer for Dad’s Army filled many fans with the same...

Editors’ Pick – 2015

1) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Let’s face it, most of us weren’t expecting Tom Cruise to deliver another Mission Impossible film worthy of watching, but...

Review – American Ultra

From its promotion American Ultra appeared to be an unassuming stoner comedy with a healthy dose of action thrown in. While the leads are...

Star Wars: Battlefront – A New Hope?

It’s been ten years since Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Now with a new one finally arriving this year, can it live up to expectation?...

Decades of Film: 1980s

‘HEEEERE’S STANLEY!’ Stanley Kubrick: recluse, perfectionist, innovator, chess player, family man, uncompromising genius, a whirlwind of creative force who was as loved by audiences as...