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The myth of the gun

In 2014, 21% of video game sales in the US were ‘Shooters’, and another 28% were ‘Action’ games, likely featuring guns in some capacity. So why are guns in video games so popular? Since 2008, Call of Duty consistently placed in the top ten-bestselling games of the year. In 2015, two Call of Duty games…

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Editors’ Pick – 2015

[su_box title=”Melissa Haggar” box_color=”#2D2D73″ radius=”0″]1) Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Let’s face it, most of us weren’t expecting Tom Cruise to deliver another Mission Impossible film worthy of watching, but that’s exactly what he did with Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about the film was that it had all the…

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Review – American Ultra

From its promotion American Ultra appeared to be an unassuming stoner comedy with a healthy dose of action thrown in. While the leads are certainly stoners, there is little of that genre as the film tries hard to be a quirky and comedic action flick. American Ultra has some brilliant ideas but all you ever…

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Star Wars: Battlefront – A New Hope?

It’s been ten years since Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Now with a new one finally arriving this year, can it live up to expectation? The anticipation surrounding Battlefront is already substantial despite a lack of real details about the game. With only a single trailer, showing the developers having a grand old time examining all…

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Decades of Film: 1980s

‘HEEEERE’S STANLEY!’ Stanley Kubrick: recluse, perfectionist, innovator, chess player, family man, uncompromising genius, a whirlwind of creative force who was as loved by audiences as he was hated by critics. Known for exploring the sinister and the macabre, Kubrick rapidly established a reputation for fearlessly exposing the dark side of human nature. This can be…

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