George Pegler

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Life’s good when it’s modular

At Barcelona’s annual Mobile World Congress 2016, LG’s new flagship smartphone, the G5, was debuted, and is expected to be available in April. The G5, radically different from its predecessor, the G4, focused its marketing strategy on two feelings reminiscent of the school playground: fun and friendship. These concepts are manifested through interchangeable modules, and…

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Compute This

[su_tabs vertical=”yes”][su_tab title=”MacBook Pro”]My MacBook Pro 15-inch retina was bought solely to increase productivity at university. Three years later in my final year, it still exceeds all my expectations. It’s hardly the most portable device on the market, but this is offset with the luxury of viewing multiple tabs simultaneously, which is a must for…


Thin justifications

A few months ago, at a dinner party for a 21st birthday, the conversation strayed to mobile phones. Sitting across the table was an Apple employee, brandishing his iPhone 6 Plus. When asked to sell the iPhone to us, he replied, “I don’t need to, it sells itself”. Here then, is the ‘Apple paradox’. Now…