Georgina Hewison


Live Review: Circa Waves @ The LCR

It has been two years since indie rockers Circa Waves’ last UK tour, and its fair to say they’ve made good use of that time. All eyes have been on the Liverpool four-piece since the release of Different Creatures late March, an album filled with edgy riffs, heavy drums, and deeper themes; a well-received contrast…


Vinyl: the big comeback

In a music buying industry dominated by streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, vinyl has managed to stake its place as a nostalgic, cultural product in the physical music market. According to the BPI, 2016 brought more than 3.2 million UK record sales, which is 53% more than the previous year and…


Norwich nation’s Pokemon Go capital

Following the release of Pokémon Go last July, millions across the UK flocked to the streets to ‘catch em’ all’- but according to Amazon, it was Norwich where the most enthusiastic Pokémon trainers resided. The best-selling app attracted nostalgic fans and newcomers alike by recreating the Pokémon world through its immersive augmented reality experience. With…

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Grime is the new punk

Along with the expansion of the Grime scene, 2016 has seen further alienation of the youth from political affairs. It is this lack of representation that has fed an engagement with the anarchic style of the East London born genre- with opposition of capitalistic manufacturing, anger-fed messages on complex political issues, and a strong subculture…

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