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Union elections open to abuse

Students voting in the ongoing union elections, known as The Leadership Race, may be able to vote in the elections for various equal-opportunity officers, even if they do not self-define as members of that constituency. When students registered on at the beginning of this academic year, they were asked to provide various details, including…


What’s wrong with being beaten by a girl?

Last week, Kanye West, popular culture’s most misunderstood self-satirist, gave an impromptu lecture at Oxford University. Now those who who have so little else to fill your waking hours that you follow the exploits of Mr West – and then are sufficiently interested by what you find that commit at least some of it to…


Edinburgh University students’ union bans strawpedo-ing

Students at Edinburgh University’s Student Association (EUSA) have been told that they will no longer be able to strawpedo drinks, after the practice was banned at one of its biggest club nights. To strawpedo is defined by Urban Dictionary as “downing a bottle of beverage, using a bendy straw to allow the liquid to be…

Editor's column

The Editor’s Column – 24th February 2015

If you didn’t guess from the created-with-icing-sugar photo on the front page, the supplement that fell out of the middle of the newspaper, or our incessant social media posts, the annual Concrete Drugs and Alcohol Survey is out! Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey, we ended up with 580 respondents which is…

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Radio 1’s Big Weekend coming to Norwich

Early on Friday morning, members of the UEA Media Collective gathered outside City Hall, close to Norwich marketplace. As students, 07:30 was a time we had merely heard of in tales, or which had been seen on the walk home from a particularly heavy night out, or of course, the library. But armed with coffee…

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