Giorgia Rose


Giorgia Rose visits The Tipsy Vegan

Located in the heart of Norwich’s beautiful Lanes, The Tipsy Vegan is one of this city’s best Veggie eateries, offering a delicious range of cocktails and food for brunch, tapas and dinner. It was opened in May of last year as a sister to the famous Vegan Diner in Norwich Market and is still a…


The nap nook: sanctuary for sleep-deprived students

The nap nook is a sanctuary for many UEA students. Located on the first floor of Union House, this darkened room is filled to the brim with beanbags, sofa beds and eye masks and encourages students to recharge their batteries during the day. Any student can use it, but it was envisioned to particularly help…


In a pickle

Our friends across the pond have been gassing over pickles forever, and it looks like we Brits are finally catching up. Pickles were recently named one of BBC Good Food’s top foodie trends to look out for in 2018 and it’s making more and more people aware of their potential. Pickles can be sweet, sour,…