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Hannah Britt


Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing talks to Concrete

Hannah Britt did intend to ask Jamie Laing about fashion, but she forgot.

Men’s Rugby Union ban upheld

Despite an emotional appeal, the ban of the Men’s Rugby team by the Union will be upheld in the 2012-13 academic year.

Chino wanker

Hannah Britt offers her two pennies worth on the curse of disposable fashion, and the "highlights" of London Fashion Week 2012.

Homophobia: still not dead

Features writer Hannah Britt asks how far we’ve come in the battle against homophobia.

Feminism can look good

Hannah Britt offers a rebuttal to the claim that women only dress up to attract men.

Joey Essex: interviewed

When Hannah Britt met Joey Essex, star of The Only Way Is Essex, things did not go to plan