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Measles vaccine uptake hits new low

In the UK, the number of children unvaccinated against Measles is rising, adding to the 170 million cases globally. Around 95 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated for herd immunity to take effect – this is when people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are naturally protected by others who have been…



It’s not often that a viral hashtag on social media goes, well, beyond social media. But an online challenge encouraging users to clean up places has seen tens of thousands of people doing just that. A new viral craze has seen young people globally participating in litter picking activities. #trashtag is a challenge originally started…


The student guinea pig

We all understand the stress of thousands of pounds of student debt looming over us (sorry to remind you of that), but just how far would you go to pay off the money you owe? Some students are going to extents that may be considered extreme. In order to be paid sums of up to…


International Women’s Day UEA

11 February 2019 saw women all over the world coming together to celebrate International Women’s Day, and UEA was no different. Female scientists at UEA celebrated their successes and offered advice to young women who are unsure about pursuing a career in science. They were part of a day organised by the United Nations General…


‘Impossible’ physics theory finds application

It may have taken 40 years, but Professor David Andrews’ physics theory, proposed at UEA back in 1979, has finally found its application. A real-world application for his work ‘could never have been imagined’ said Prof Andrews, talking about when his work was published. But now researchers at the University of Bath have confirmed the…


The plant whose sex life fascinated Charles Darwin

Genetic transformation of the Common Primrose (primula vulgaris) could inform researchers even more about one of the world’s most renowned reproductive systems. The primrose has one of the best examples of heteromorphic flower development in the agricultural world. Heteromorphic flower development is a phenomenon where plants ‘exhibit two or three distinct forms of flowers based…


Stuck for signal?

Do you ever find yourself stuck for signal? Well, you’re not the only one. Ofcom has reported that many people in the UK are ‘poorly served’ when it comes to connecting to a mobile network. Their study found that whilst 41 percent of premises in rural areas receive data links of 2Mbps or higher, this…


Californian wildfires

Since June this year, wildfires have fiercely swept across the state of California, USA. The latest, beginning in early November, has already claimed dozens of lives and hundreds of homes. More than 500 people remain missing. For months, residents in the state have had to flee their homes, sometimes with only minutes to spare before…

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