Harry Routley


Rishi Sunak’s meteoric rise to power

One could almost hear the frantic movements across the keyboards as my housemates and I attempted to rapidly google the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, a position that is seen by many as the second most important in government after that of the Prime Minister (and perhaps more recently, whatever Dominic Cummings is). It would…


Universities to hand out fewer unconditional offers

For years, numbers of unconditional offers issued by universities in the UK have been steadily rising, contributing to regular interventions from figures in government, most recently Education secretary Gavin Williamson, who stated that unconditional offers lower attainment by making recipients of such offers less likely to achieve their predicted grades. However, a UCAS forecast for…

Film, Venue

Oscar Nominations 2020: Too White?

After the controversy surrounding the #BAFTASsowhite and the near total absence of people of colour in Britain’s premier film awards ceremony, one of the biggest questions surrounding this year’s Academy Awards was whether or not their voters would fare any better in recognising diverse ranges of talent. The purpose of discussing inclusion in awards ceremonies…

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