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University needs to learn from tragedies, this can’t go on

For years, topics surrounding mental health, depression, and suicide have been taboo in both entertainment and dining-table conversation. This stands in contrast to how seemingly willing public institutions are to pledge their support to ending the chronic lack of resources directed towards mental health. Every government promises more funding and every university promises that they…



After years of tonal confusion from the DC live action properties, Titans certainly doesn’t create a more consistent style, but it does offer an engaging experience for newcomers and a fresh take on established characters for comics fans. With the mixed success of the dark and serious formerly Zack Snyder led films and the dedicated…


Facebook shared user data with tech giants

The latest in a series of privacy related breaches from Facebook was exposed by the New York Times on 18 December 2018. Investigations from the paper revealed that Facebook altered its own privacy settings in order to appease other large tech companies. Data was made available Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix among others. Facebook appears to…


University is ‘simply a necessity for a career’

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the university is no longer an institution for young minds to engage in a subject that they are passionate about, or even a place where they can gain some kind of social education, but simply a necessity for a career. Last March The Sunday Telegraph reported a former student of…


You Review

‘It’s cool how you get in the monster’s POV, you understand why he does stuff, almost like its… justified.’ While some of the analogies employed by Netflix’s new thriller ‘You’ can seem more than a little heavy-handed, they can help the viewer to understand how it easy it is to root for the villain when…


Europe Year in Review

With the ink now drying on an agreement between the UK and the EU’s 27 remaining states, the end is finally in sight for a series of negotiations that have dominated the public sphere in Europe over the past year. However, 2018 has been an incredibly significant year for the continent beyond Brexit, with many…


Her replaces she

Not all dystopias need fascist mega-states or a world ravaged by an ecological disaster to show a version of the future that can be truly disconcerting. Spike Jonze’s Her is one of the finest attempts at showing how, even though the future may make us more connected, it doesn’t mean that people will be brought…


Canada becomes second country to legalise cannabis use

Canada became the latest country to legalise the use of recreational cannabis, with the first legal purchase occurring on 17 October in Newfoundland. Medical cannabis use has been both legal and heavily regulated in Canada since 2001, but the Trudeau administration introduced the Cannabis Act to take control of the drug from criminal industry and…

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