Harry Austin


There is more to Ukip than just Nigel Farage

With the general elections drawing ever closer, Britain’s parties are naturally being increasingly scrutinised. However, due to the political agendas of Britain’s media, the militant acts of ‘progressive liberal’ protest groups, Ukip and its leader have been criticised far more than the other parties. One of the points raised by this is whether the party…


Why I voted UKIP

The simple statement that one will vote UKIP is often associated with unfair and unjustifiable connotations. Nationalism, fascism, racism along with other ideologies associated with the far right. Yet these are not the reasons why the majority of UKIP supporters voted for UKIP, such as myself. For decades the political environment has been grey and…

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The Return of the Speedo

I know what you’re all thinking. The person who wrote this must be crazy. However, Speedos are something that have unfairly been forced out of fashion. Not too long ago, it was common for a man to wander onto the beach in his budgie smugglers. Whereas now if you’re seen wearing Speedos you are shunned…