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Hello, Zombies!

How likely is a zombie-led Armageddon? In the last twenty years, movie studios from Holly- to Bolly-wood would have us believe that the end,...
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Disenchantment: “only somewhat spellbinding”

Being a lady who spends arguably too much time at home with some sort of cartoon playing, I was ecstatic to hear that Matt...

The short story: undeservedly undervalued

Over the last ten years, I have attempted to build up the most extensive knowledge I can manage (without those pesky life distractions getting...

UEA Drama Soc’s The Effect “makes a lasting impression”

I’m going to begin with an embarrassing disclaimer: I really don’t enjoy plays. Apart from the odd panto as a kid and a school...

School trips as a uni student

I think we’re all in agreement here; the absolute worst part of any trip abroad, aside from being the victim of some sort of...

Fossil fuels in a modern world

Divestment. What a bloody big word. I’m sure that most of you are as familiar as I was with the term up until about...