Hattie Griffiths

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Hello, Zombies!

How likely is a zombie-led Armageddon? In the last twenty years, movie studios from Holly- to Bolly-wood would have us believe that the end, unfortunately, is nigh – and it will be brought about by shambling hordes of the living dead. The zombie movie hype has not gone unnoticed, with the United States Centre for…


The short story: undeservedly undervalued

Over the last ten years, I have attempted to build up the most extensive knowledge I can manage (without those pesky life distractions getting in the way) of the short story form and its variety of modern and early writers. A shattered attention span, combined with a desire for fiction to be shorter and pack…


School trips as a uni student

I think we’re all in agreement here; the absolute worst part of any trip abroad, aside from being the victim of some sort of mugging, is the early wake up time for whatever miserable flight or ferry journey you have to catch at impossible-o’clock. Never the greatest start to your holibobs, but often by the…


Fossil fuels in a modern world

Divestment. What a bloody big word. I’m sure that most of you are as familiar as I was with the term up until about a week ago when plans were made to feature it in our section here at Concrete. Although, the whole, albeit terrifyingly dull, term ‘fossil fuel divestment’ couldn’t be more relevant to…

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