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Okja film review: a combination of ‘sacrifice, silliness, and sadness’

If you’ve ever entertained fantasies of Tilda Swinton smiling desperately in a blonde wig while introducing a lorry-sized livestock hybrid to a hungry American crowd in central New York, then your time has finally come. Introducing Okja, one of twenty-six gigantic synthesised hybrid animals dispatched by the Mirando Corporation to different locations worldwide as a…


20 years of magic

It’s 11.55pm. My friend Nadja and I are covered in face paint, exhausted after an hour watching a herd of five-year-old Dumbledores fight over which beard felt the most authentic.  It’s 2007, and Borders books are holding a midnight release party for the final book in the Harry Potter series, The Deathly Hallows. The time…


My life as a courgette

Somehow, when the first shot of a film is crayons and children’s drawings surrounded by empty beer cans, you have a feeling that this film is going to be heartbreaking. My Life As A Courgette tells the story of little Icare (who prefers the nickname ‘Courgette’), a nine-year-old French boy who, upon accidentally killing his…


Study Music: Sorted

Deciding what music to play while studying is difficult. In 2007, the National Institute of Health confirmed that because of the human brain’s method of ‘auditory processing’, we cannot listen productively to two people speaking at once. Therefore, the noise in your own head helping you study will not appreciate you blasting choice Stormzy deep…


Pop-up revision space in Arts

In consultation with the Students’ Union, the university has created a ‘pop-up’ revision space for students to use throughout this exam season on floor 01 of the Arts building. The area will be available for students to use until Friday 16 June. In  a blog post and supplementary video shared to Facebook, undergraduate education officer…


Some bunny that I used to know

Take one cursory glance around the UEA broads on any given day and you’ll realise the phrase ‘breeding like rabbits’ certainly comes from a true place where the miniature mammals are concerned. No late-night trekking to the LCR is complete without a squeal from a member of your group at the sight of a cotton…


Live Review: NME Awards Tour @ The LCR

“Who’s excited for Cabbage? Who’s excited for Blossoms? Who’s excited for me?” Rory Wynne asks the audience as he struts around the stage in his impossibly skinny drainpipe jeans, flicking his floppy hair back over his head. And the crowd are loving it. At the age of only seventeen, Wynne and his band have already…

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