Henry Webb


Talks to resume over Ethiopia dam conflict

Egypt and Sudan have agreed to continue discussions with Ethiopia surrounding the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Gerd). Ethiopia has begun to fill the dam’s reservoir, despite an agreement not yet having been reached on how water supply will be managed. Talking about the recent filling of the reservoir, Ethiopia’s PM Abiy Ahmed said: “It…


Venezuela’s Supreme Court removes opposition party leaders

The Supreme Court of Venezuela, which is loyal to Nicolás Maduro, the current President, has ousted the leaders of two of the country’s main opposition parties. The decision comes ahead of this year’s anticipated parliamentary elections. The vote has not yet been scheduled, but this ruling is already fuelling suspicions of election fraud by Mr…


Norwich shops reopen as country-wide restrictions on non-essential businesses ease

Non-essential businesses in Norwich have begun to reopen in line with the nationwide easing of restrictions. After nearly three months of lockdown, businesses including clothes, electronics, and phone retailers have started to open again. Shops that do reopen have to have clear signs showing they are following the government’s COVID-19 guidelines. Thus, stores must limit…

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