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Syria to hold presidential election in May

Syria will hold a presidential election next month on the 26th of May. The elected president will serve a 7 year term until 2028.  Current predictions suggest a likely win for incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, who has served since 2014. Assad received wide criticism after his first win, receiving 92% of the vote, in 2014….


Brazil’s faces new Government Crisis

The heads of Brazil’s armed forces simultaneously resigned last week, in protest of the president’s firing of the defence secretary, Fernando Azevedo e Silva. This marks a significant crisis point in President Jair Bolsanaro’s leadership, at a time where the country is battling one of the world’s worst COVID-19 epidemics. Gen Edson Leal Pujol, Adm…


Trump Acquitted following second impeachment trial

Former President Donald Trump has been acquitted in his second impeachment trial, for “incitement of insurrection”, following his involvement in the Capitol riots on January 6th. The senate voted 57-43 in favour of impeachment, but was still 10 votes short of the two thirds majority necessary. Every Democrat voted in favour of impeachment along with…


Ruling party takes control of Venezuelan parliament

President Nicolás Maduro’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) has taken control of the country’s National Assembly. The party won a landslide 256 of the Assembly’s 277 seats, having previously lost control of the institution in 2015. This election has not been without controversy, with almost all opposition parties choosing to boycott the vote. Opposition leaders say…


Myanmar military seizes control in coup

Control of Myanmar has been forcibly taken by the country’s military in a successful coup on Monday. Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s leader since 2016, has been detained along with other government officials. Myanmar began to form a democratic government system in 2011. Prior to this, the country had been military-controlled since 1962, having…


The True Virus is Tory Incompetence

In a time like this, it’s easy to feel sorry for those in power. Don’t. The selfishness and incompetence of the Conservative Party is a virus which has been slowly infecting Britain since 2010 – COVID has only exposed it.  The UK ranks 9th worst for coronavirus deaths relative to population. Over 75,000 lives lost….


Hong Kong Activists Jailed over protests

Three of Hong Kong’s most prominent pro-democracy activists have been jailed for their role in the ongoing protests. Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Ivan Lam, aged 24, 23, and 26 respectively, have all been convicted of “unauthorised assembly”. The activists were charged in court last month, for their participation in protests outside police headquarters in…

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