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King’s Lynn’s demon population is rising

Here in Norwich, the people are proud of their ghosts. The Man in Black gives tours throughout the city, and the Murderers pub is so proud of the landlady murdered outside the pub centuries ago that they’ve made a name out of it. They’ve even gotten famous murderers, like Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes…

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to the editor:

I am writing you to discuss the technology of Harleston toilets. Toilets are more intelligent and advanced than any of us realise. In the case of Harelston’s new, self-flushing toilets, technologically advanced toilets have also become a symbol of the divide between those who can pay to use toilets and those who cannot. Or, at…

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Flipping Skateboards, Flipping Maps

When Northumbria University geographers Jon Swords and Michael Jeffries heard that the Norwich City Council was set to vote on a skateboard ban in the City Centre, they knew they had to head back home to Norwich. Skateboarding and geography might seem unrelated, but a skateboarder’s mind can work in similar patterns. That’s what the…

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Sex Toys with Souls

This summer, I found myself in San Francisco, sitting with two physicists and a biohacker in a restaurant. The biohacker, Sunny Allen, asked me, “Would you like to see it now?” and then put it on the table. I smiled, afraid to ask, “So. How do vibrators work again?” It wasn’t just a sex toy;…

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