Ilona Brinton

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Why I want to be an artist

It takes great courage to say “I’m an artist”. At least I find it hard. The true artist is Gauguin, Picasso, Andy Warhol…Or the guy next door who wears paint-stained clothes and seems to constantly be making something new and creative. But when it comes to ourselves, we may see the little bit of painting,…

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Do we need art?

This statement may be hammered into the little kid who wistfully proclaims that he wants to be an artist, or it may be subtly imbued into the minds of thousands, if not millions of kids as they attend school each day. School is meant to prepare us for life, and if being an artist –…

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Capoeira: a unifying dance

The distinctive twanging of a metal stringed long bow sounds over the din and bustle of everyday life and as if by magic, a circle begins to form. More and more people are drawn together by the strange-sounding instrument. A drum joins, and suddenly, two people are dancing in the middle of the circle –…