Isabelle Harrison

Creative Writing


Here is a book; now open its page, Its words have been read from age to age, Close your eyes; now count to three, And think of the story you most want to read. Perhaps we are jetting off for a mission in space, As the countdown begins to save the entire human race, Or…

Creative Writing, Venue


There is a calmness, I find, something tranquil and true In walking out in November, the sky crisp, new, and blue, The leaves on the ground are many, the ones on the trees few, Forming a path of gold for feet to walk through. The days are growing shorter, with no sun to look to,…

Creative Writing

Guided Tour

The guide’s mortarboard cap is crooked, the tassel falling over the shadow of his face. Step lively. Keep close. These roads are a menace, particularly at dawn and dusk. You can never tell which way they’re going to come next. He steps forward and is followed, feet crunching the leaves that the hem of his…