Jack Oxford


Gamescom 2020 overview

Gamescom 2020 gave us so much to look forward to, with a crazy amount of highlights despite the online-only nature of the event. Here are the two things from the event I’m most excited for! Dragon Age 4 Bioware gave us a behind the scenes look at Dragon Age 4, which has been a long…


Favourite games of the last generation

Although I played Dragon Quest XI on the Nintendo Switch, it was originally released on PS4 in 2017. The main criticism of the Dragon Quest series is the sameness that runs through each title, but it is this very criticism which is also its greatest strength to long-term fans of the series like myself. With…

Music, Venue

Preview: Wild Fields, Norfolk’s first socially distanced festival

This weekend, the Norfolk Showground will be hosting Wild Fields, this year’s incarnation of 2019’s Wild Paths. It’s described as the region’s first ‘socially distanced’ festival, with help from Summertime Social, the Showground, and Norwich City Council to ensure safety. Guests are assigned a 3m by 3m ‘pod’ for the festival which can contain a…

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