Jack Carey

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Creative Writing

Make it new

“Make it new,” he muttered, sliding the final pin into the top right corner of the banner. He let it go and watched as it sagged downwards like a giant white manta ray. Written across its surface, in large, bright lettering was NEW NEW NEW! LIMITED TIME ONLY ! Patrick Murdoch stood back and admired…

Creative Writing, Venue

The city and the country

Senator Tom O’nassey paused to scrape the shit off his boot as he stepped out of his sedan. He breathed in hard. There it was. The smell. Grass, hay, manure, diesel from a nearby pickup truck. The Country. To many people the smell of sodden hay bales and cow shit wasn’t something to get excited…

Creative Writing

Beginning middle end

They can’t do this to me, they can’t do this to me, they can’t do this to me. “Frank? Frankie baby? You there?” John Bernstein’s round sanguine face stared back at him. His beady eyes were framed by a pair of round glasses that perched on his long nose. “Yes I’m following,” of course he…