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Jacob Beebe

Going into his 2nd year of his Biomedicine degree, Jacob plans to spend his time in the hive huddled around a cuppa’ - more than likely sporting a befuddled expression on his face. Aside from his studies he is a guitarist, saxophonist and a budding drummer. Previously a committed Environment writer, he aims to make the newly formed Science and Environment section an interesting new addition to Concrete.

What’s new in science – 8th March

Extinct otter-like ‘marine bear’ might have had a bite like a saber-toothed cat. Hip replacements numbers soared by 76% for the under 60s in the...

What’s new in science – February 23rd

According to new study, there is a tiny sea snail “swims like a bee” Scientists say neanderthals and modern humans were interbreeding much earlier than...

What’s new in science: 9th Feb

Trackers on 300 honeybees reveal they forecast the weather to plan their work day Copenhagen set to withdraw the city's £700m investment in  fossil fuels An...

What’s new in science – January 26th

Archaeologists have discovered the earliest evidence of warfare between hunter-gatherers in northern Kenya American astronomers are presenting evidence for a ninth planet far beyond Pluto...

What’s new in science – 12th January

Researchers have identified “runaway stars” in the Milky Way. Tim Peake set for first spacewalk by a British astronaut. December 2015 was the warmest December since...

What’s new in science – 1st December

A study shows that one poor night of sleep has same effect on blood sugar as eating a high-fat diet for six months. Plastic rubbish...