Jacob Chamberlain


Dream Wife: punk rock power

The phrase “dream wife” seems like something straight out of an advert from the fifties, conjuring an outdated ideal that equates femininity with domesticity. But rest assured, Dream Wife are not the past, they are the future. Thirty seconds into their debut LP and vocalist Rakel Mjöll has already screamed the title of the opening…


The Waterfront: venue profile

At this point, the Waterfront is essentially synonymous with Norwich. Opening in 1990, and being taken over by the SU in 1993, it has since become a staple of the music scene not only in Norwich, but East Anglia in general. Some of the biggest names in the alternative music scene have graced its sticky…


We catch up with Wolf Alice

This week, indie-rock band Wolf Alice performed at our very own LCR. Jacob Chamberlain caught up with them before the show to see how they’re getting on. So, how are you guys? How’s the tour going? Joel Amey (drums): It’s been really nice actually. This is a beautiful campus, isn’t it? I went for a…