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SU dog walking scheme receives national acclaim

UEA(SU) has received national recognition for its new dog walking scheme designed to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of students. The scheme is the first of its kind at a UK university and gained coverage by media outlets such as The Telegraph, The Times, ITV Anglia and Eastern Daily Press. The scheme has been…


Fame for Afghan Trudeau look-a-like

A contestant on an Afghan singing competition has gone viral on social media because of his likeness to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Mr Abdul Salam Maftoon, a wedding singer from northeast Afghanistan, is one of the final eight contestants on the televised talent show Afghan Star and has a distinct style of romantic folk…


Brexit Box Special: Parliament’s ‘meaningful vote’

Theresa May’s draft EU Withdrawal Agreement was rejected by MPs by a margin of 230 votes. With only 202 MPs voting in favour of the deal, this was the largest Parliamentary defeat for a serving government in UK history. 118 backbench Conservative MPs rebelled and voted to reject the deal. The deal was originally scheduled…


Sportscafe undergoes £50,000 rebrand

The café at UEA’s Sportspark has reopened its doors after a £50,000 refurbishment. With an expanded menu, and a wider selection of choice for vegetarians and vegans, the café is aiming to appeal to a broader range of customers. To help cater for the variety of nutritional requirements of the athletes, students and public that…


UAE release Matthew Hedges

British student Matthew Hedges has been pardoned and released by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) following his life sentence for allegedly spying against the government. He was freed from prison and returned to the UK last week. He was imprisoned for life following an arrest and interrogation in May, during which he was denied access…


North America Year in Review

Headlines from across North America have been falling thick and fast this year, so here’s a brief overview of everything that has happened in 2018. High temperatures were felt across the continent this summer in the 2018 North American Heatwave, leading to 74 deaths in Quebec alone. Colorado recorded their hottest day on record at…


US midterm elections see gains for the Democrats

The Democrats have won control of the US House of Representatives in the November 2018 Congressional midterm elections. The contest was seen to be a key test for US President Donald Trump, as analysts had predicted a ‘blue wave’ as a sign of discontent for Mr Trump’s policies. With 429 of 435 seats declared, the…


Tuition fee proposals

Two-tier undergraduate tuition fees have been considered by the Higher Education Review. As part of the UK Government’s Higher Education Review, due for publication in early 2019, there has been unconfirmed reports that the Review’s recommendation will be to set different tuition fees for arts and science students. It has been widely reported that under…

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