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Train derails and crashes at North London station

An eight-carriage train derailed when approaching Enfield Town station during rush hour at around 8:15am yesterday. The Overground train continued moving upright at an angle after hitting the buffers and jutted over the end of the tracks, losing its momentum, and stopping just short of smashing into the station window and swerving onto the platform. Emergency services…

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Noirwich Crime-Writing Festival: Killer Debuts

TW: fear, violence, animal abuse, trauma, lynching  The shadow of Noirwich, the annual crime-writing festival, descended upon the city of stories. From this darkness emerged three writers: Catriona Ward, Femi Kayode, and Greg Buchanan, connected by their shared experience as alumni of UEA’s writing programme. I caught their 11th September conversation with host Lee Randall….

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Out of the clubbing club

Entry costs £5. Cloakroom costs £2. Each beer costs £5 plus, along with the cost of the hangover the next day. All for what? Listening to music I wouldn’t normally listen to, surrounded by people I wouldn’t normally have invited. While I miss the atmosphere of the club scene, what I missed afterwards was my…

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Banksy confirms East Anglian coastal murals were his creations

10 new pieces of street art found along the East Anglian coast were produced by Banksy, revealed in an Instagram video posted on Friday from his official account. Conceived in what he called “A Great British Spraycation”, the anonymous artist filmed himself wearing a hoodie to conceal his identity, spraying the creations at locations around…

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