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Black Lives Matter around the world

The murder of George Floyd while under police custody sparked multiple protests around the world displaying their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Here are some covered by our Global Writers! South Africa Resonating particularly with a post-colonial country that was scarred by decades of apartheid, the BLM movement has ignited in South Africa’s…


Veganism would have stopped coronavirus

During this pandemic, people are feeling powerless to help. We are told of huge strains that have impacted our NHS, community wellbeing is suffering, local businesses are falling, and it seems like there is very little that we as individuals can do to diminish these issues. You may rise up and fight back by clapping…


Stories of suspended travel

April is the key month for university students to begin planning holidays; the limbo period between the start of the final term and exam season, just coming up to summer. Unfortunately, for those students who decided April and before were prime times to book their summer holidays, what seemed a well-deserved celebration of finishing the…


How to stay productive in isolation

It can be difficult to stay motivated at home as our daily routines have suddenly changed so dramatically. The things people may do to reward themselves for a hard day’s work like going to the gym, the local bar or the shopping centre have suddenly disappeared. With this sudden increase in free time, people are…