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Guilty Pleasures

I first watched Awkward as a last resort; a result of browsing through Lovefilm when all the good programmes were gone. Lovefilm you say?...

Head to head: on the beat

The lead character of Edgar Wright’s seminal comedy Hot Fuzz is incredibly qualified in all his fields, being a master of shooting, fencing and...

True Detective: The Trouble With Women Is

This isn’t about the Bechdel test. This isn’t about groundbreaking narratives, six minute long unedited shots, or how we may be entering the best...

Unthank Books To Host Project U Event

Arts writer Jay Slayton-Joslin on the upcoming Project U, the latest of Unthank Books events.

The Wicker Man – a retrospective

To celebrate its 30th anniversary re-release, Jay Slayton-Joslin revisits a horror classic.

Why are we so bothered by celebrities?

Jay Slayton-Joslin questions the social media obsession with celebrity behaviour.