Jessica Cappi

Sex Survey 2019

Bite the bullet and buy a bullet

My friend’s mum used to work as an account officer for a sex toy company and she received LOTS of freebies. On said friend’s 18th birthday, her Mum made a pass the parcel, and under each layer was a sex related item. I got lucky (pun intended) whilst unwrapping my layer – it was a…


UEA is wonderful

You only have to be at UEA a week, and I guarantee you will have heard the infamous ‘OH UEAAAA IS WONNDEERRFULLL’ chant by a group of drunken students, a sports team, or a particularly patriotic student. UEA has cottoned onto this turn of phrase, and you’ll find the ‘What makes UEA wonderful to you?’…


No to Amber Davies’ new rules

Casual sex is a loaded topic among young people today. A controversy was provoked when Love Island winner Amber Davies decided to create her five rules ‘before saying yes to getting intimate’: a few are important to remember, a few are important to forget. Her rules are as follows: 1. (Don’t pick up the phone…)…