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The concept of an accelerated degree is one that starts off looking promising, but the more you look at it, the more cracks start to show. Although the fast track scheme will encourage disadvantaged students to pursue a degree because it costs a fifth less and only spans two years, the effect on the student’s…


Pointe shoes developed for BAME ballet dancers

In a massive step for diversity, ballet shoes for black and Asian dancers have been released in the UK for the first time. The shoes used to only be available in the limited colours pink and cream, but can now be found in brown and bronze shades thanks to Freed of London who have collaborated…


Can a woman who sells makeup be a feminist?

Yes: it is no surprise that women are bombarded and pressured by the media to maintain high beauty standards every day. In fact, it’s impossible to even discuss the makeup industry and those who actually work in it without considering these standards, or the physical insecurities they can feed on. Many go as far as…


Jess Barrett investigates housing: what’s the fuss?

One of the main concerns that students face while at university is accommodation. At first it’s about which halls you get allocated and then, like a brick in the face, you start worrying about where you’ll live once first year is over. A considerable amount of students secure their second year accommodation outside of Home…


“Charles’ history is cause for concern”

We can all agree the monarchy is a iconic British symbol recognised across the world. The Queen is 92, and her portrait features on all our coins and all our stamps. But is it time for a change? The possibility of having Prince Charles as our next monarch is a conundrum. His political campaigns and…


Double denim: classic, cosy and casual

Double denim has an established reputation, the fabric has been a staple for over 100 years. It’s versatility and durability makes it ideal everyday wear. When you see double denim worn you might shudder, but double denim has evolved from the faded blue on faded blue, Cowboys or 90’s teenagers into the latest fashion trend….


Smart caption glasses at the National Theatre

The National Theatre’s introduction of Smart Caption Glasses is a momentous change in the world of theatre; performances are now accessible to a much wider audience than before. The National Theatre claims that users can experience performances from any seat in any production for the first time due to the introduction of these Smart Caption…


How to decorate

‘Tis the season to be spooky, and living off of campus means every Halloween-loving student has the opportunity to pimp up their front door. No Halloween is complete without a pumpkin. Go pumpkin picking as something fun to do with your housemates or purchase one from the local supermarket. Having a lit pumpkin outside your…


Beloved Banksy painting destroyed

In today’s society, there’s a lot of discourse surrounding art ownership. Does the art belong to the artist once it has been mass-produced and sold in the form of merchandise? Personally, I have always appreciated the anonymous street artist Banksy’s combination of art, politics and dark humour in a form that is frowned upon by…

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