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Is Coronavirus keeping us grounded?

Coronavirus has massively impacted the travel industry through its disruption of airlines, student holidays and international study.  Currently, over 95,600 cases have been confirmed worldwide. Around 3,285 deaths have been recorded so far. 85 countries have been impacted in total. However, almost 54,000 have been recorded as recovering from symptoms, others are recovering within quarantine. …

Deputy Editors' Column

Another feather to my bow

This week is the first time I have produced Concrete’s award Winning radio show, ‘A Week in Concrete’ by myself. It’s safe to say that it all went to plan, there were no major hiccups. I found it very exciting. We talked about all things venue this week, I had Venue Deputy Editor Amelia Rentell…


UEA distributes hand sanitisers across campus

Hand sanitiser dispensers have been distributed on locations around campus. Information posted beside the dispensers suggest that the sanitiser has been provided in order to combat the spread of coronavirus. The sanitiser dispensers and posters suggest some easy ways to limit the spread of germs, including carrying tissues and using them to catch your sneeze,…


The cracks in our foundation (year)

‘You don’t deserve to be here’. ‘That’s not a proper course’. ‘Why are you at uni?’ There is a harmful stigma surrounding students who take foundation year courses. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a student who took a foundation year. Well, not anymore. Every student I have come across who has taken a…


A Night of Wonders by Headucate.

Headucate have announced they are hosting UEA’s first ever charity gala called ‘A Night of Wonders’ later this month on 27 February, in the LCR.  The night will feature performances from multiple UEA societies including, UEA Ballet, UEA Angels, UEA Headlights comedy, UEA Burlesque, UEA Latin social Dance Society, UEA Music Society, UEA Bellydance, UEA…

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