Jessica Frank-Keyes


Two idiots in Inverness

Working alongside Livewire all year, Caitlin and I had been getting increasingly jealous as the plans for their annual charity-fundraising/travel-adventure event got underway. Eventually, our itchy feet and desire to see how far we could get from campus got the better of us, and Team Concrete was born. One awkward photoshoot and some travel insurance…

Deputy Editors' Column

It’s the final countdown…

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it also goes fairly quickly when you’re sleep-deprived and spending your weekends making a newspaper. We dread to think about our coffee and pizza bill for this last year. We’ve had 13 issues, one Brexit, two Prime Ministers and a visit from the Queen since we…


Gay men “beaten and tortured” in Chechnya

Allegations that gay men are being beaten and tortured in concentration camp-like facilities in Chechnya have prompted international outrage. Over 100 men have reportedly been detained and three have been killed in the Russian region, according to opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta. An article published on the paper’s website on April 1st states that: “Novaya Gazeta…


UEA takes a stand

Over the past few years university sport has garnered a negative reputation in the national media. Horror stories of initiations and discrimination have left students reluctant to participate, particularly LGBT+ students. To combat this problem, Take A Stand, UEA’s campaign against discrimination in sport, was launched in September 2016 by Joe Zilch. With the unveiling…


Harriet Harman: “Politics has completely changed”

Harriet Harman: Britain’s longest continuously-serving female MP; ex-Labour Deputy Leader; lawyer; and lifelong feminist activist. She describes herself as “born into feminism – with three sisters,” and entered politics in 1982, after a Politics degree from York university and a job at the National Council for Civil Liberties. She tells me that being an MP…

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