Jodie Snow

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Visiting the bizzare sights of Budapest

The capital of Hungary is divided in half by the River Danube that runs through the centre of the city. On one side, the flat land provides the ideal foundation for the urban landscape of Pest. On the other, the natural, healing spring waters and hills make for a wonderful contrast. Just like the River…


Visiting Cromer and its crabs

As the spring semester draws to a close and Easter break looms in the distance, many students may be considering what East Anglia has to offer them in terms of a refreshing break from impending deadlines. You do not need to travel very far in order to travel. Just an hour’s bus ride from Norwich…


Being light-fingered in hotel rooms

As most ardent Friends fans will be aware, Ross is notorious on the TV sitcom for knowing what is up for grabs in your hotel room and what is not. He is shown to teach Chandler the ways of the hotel freebie, and is proud when Chandler comes to the realisation that the light bulb…


Is Prince Philip the best candidate for the Australian Honours?

On Australia Day 2015, the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, awarded his nation’s highest accolade to our very own Prince Phillip. Media outlets worldwide described their shock at such a decision. The most pressing question concerning the whole event is why, in a 21st century world is one of the most powerful nations honouring a…


Shiver Me Tinder!

As the sun goes down on another day in the Concrete office, the question on everyone’s lips: “What is this Tinder” And so, four great Concrete and Venue warriors, yielding their weapons ready to battle, take on the gargantuan task of trying to find love, sex and/or friendship on Tinder. Will we app-reciate this online…


In defence of London’s ‘tourist-traps’

When reading and writing about travel a phrase that is pushed around a lot is ‘hidden treasure’. Of course there is always going to be desire to uncover the unknown and find a barely known secret location that encompasses all the wonders and awes you had hoped travel would provoke for you. But there exists…

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