Jodie Snow


We Need To Stop Defining People By Their Illness

Talking about mental illness is a thorny subject. It affects a lot of people on a very intimate level. Mental illness affects a person’s personality, thoughts, mind-set and behaviour. With this in mind, people often brand an individual on the basis of their mental health and state: ‘you are bi-polar’ instead of ‘you have bi-polar’….


What is your funniest travel memory?

Flushing away your dignity in France Peter Sheehan So this is kinda embarrassing. But funny, so bear with me. My first experience of the frankly baffling concept of the self-flushing lavatory was in the train station of Aix-en-Provence. Now this is a French town famous for its fountains, so perhaps this informs their attitude to…


Instagram vs reality

It is often difficult for world-famous cities to live up to expectations, and for an Instagram favourite like Paris this is particularly true. The city’s beautiful monuments and museums are cluttered with tourists. Paris’ promise to be the city of light, romance and beauty appears impossible to deliver, as the city is crushed by the…


How to travel with a food allergy

For many a trip to Paris without tasting the croissants seems bizarre but all is the reality for the allergen-aware traveller. Travel and food have grown so synonymous with each other that it is difficult to have one without the other. From the floating food markets of Thailand to the café culture of Paris, food…


Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships

In the capital of Croatia lies the Museum of Broken Relationships. The museum is a collection of items donated by members of the public that document a past relationship. Each item is put together with a caption that tells the story behind their choice. It is a novel museum that collates the funny, sad and…

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