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The future of streaming

The recent cancellations of Luke Cage and Iron Fist, two of Netflix’s Marvel shows, suggests a trend that the streaming giant is reducing its reliance on third-party properties. If they continue in this direction, there will be less of a need to make expensive contracts and finicky license agreements with companies such as Marvel, and…


Superheroes, selflessness and interventionism

Despite the oft-criticised saturation of the superhero genre in recent years, a large audience knows and loves the action-filled, popcorn-guzzling films that continue to be released; and their continued box office performance shows that their dominance of the market will not let up. They still capture an audience that is not becoming fatigued – as…


Rise of the anthology

An anthology series, which tells a different story in each episode or season, is certainly not a new concept to television. Even in the 1950s this form proved popular: The Twilight Zone is perhaps the most famous and influential example, and its popularity has seen it undergo multiple revival attempts, for better or for worse….

Creative Writing

Three Contributors

Oh cloudy night reach down your kind hand to us We bless your appearance so forgiving and beautiful You cover those pretty stars those deceiving spies That betray us to that enemy of ours who hunts My brothers and sisters and has killed so very many And grieves me for I forget their names They…


No reflection from a…

Created by the brilliantly inventive polemicist Charlie Brooker, the anthology show Black Mirror has returned to Netflix for a fourth series. Retaining its theme of cautionary tales regarding the development of technology, the new batch of episodes includes some of the strongest in the history of the show, but is not without some unfortunate missteps….

June 2021
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