Johanne Elster Hanson


ACT NOW: ‘Play Before Birth’ at The Garage

The stage at The Garage is empty but for a teal-coloured yoga ball against the back wall. As the light fades we hear Greta Thunberg’s famous speech to the House of Commons (‘Now we probably don’t even have a future any more’) followed by the sound of a muffled heartbeat. A voice carries through the…


How to cope with fear of flying – 8 tips

Reportedly, one in ten are afraid of flying, which means that right now thousands of people are gripping the armrests of their plane-seats in prolonged, mid-air panic. As someone who has suffered from aviophobia for years, I bring you eight tips on how to cope with your fear of flying: Take your time: The airport…


Rachel Cusk at the 2019 Spring Literary Festival

Rachel Cusk, slight with a soft brown fringe and grey trainers, looks calmly out on the audience when greeted with applause. She speaks with deliberation in a low voice, as though confident that whatever she puts forward will be interesting to her listeners. She is right. Philip Langeskov opens by talking about the vicious reception Cusk’s memoir…


Upcoming: Rachel Cusk at the 2019 Spring Literary Festival

Canadian-born writer Rachel Cusk’s controversial memoirs about motherhood and divorce, together with the recent Outline-trilogy, have made it so that writers and critics often couples her name with the term autofiction. Although she herself does not use that term to describe her body of work, it is undoubtedly part of the recent surge of literature…


Viking exhibition at the Norwich Castle Museum

In the eighth and ninth centuries, the area of East Anglia was particularly vulnerable to invasion from Vikings sailing across the North Sea. With fertile land conveniently located facing the southern part of Scandinavia, the invasion of East Anglia and Northumbria (what is now northern England and south-eastern Scotland) by the Great Heathen Army in…

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May 2022
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