Johanne Elster Hanson

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ACT NOW: ‘Play Before Birth’ at The Garage

The stage at The Garage is empty but for a teal-coloured yoga ball against the back wall. As the light fades we hear Greta Thunberg’s famous speech to the House of Commons (‘Now we probably don’t even have a future any more’) followed by the sound of a muffled heartbeat. A voice carries through the…


How to cope with fear of flying – 8 tips

Reportedly, one in ten are afraid of flying, which means that right now thousands of people are gripping the armrests of their plane-seats in prolonged, mid-air panic. As someone who has suffered from aviophobia for years, I bring you eight tips on how to cope with your fear of flying: Take your time: The airport…


Rachel Cusk at the 2019 Spring Literary Festival

Rachel Cusk, slight with a soft brown fringe and grey trainers, looks calmly out on the audience when greeted with applause. She speaks with deliberation in a low voice, as though confident that whatever she puts forward will be interesting to her listeners. She is right. Philip Langeskov opens by talking about the vicious reception Cusk’s memoir…

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