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Johnnie Bicket

Johnnie is a third year undergraduate student of English and American Literature. His interests include Shakespeare, US foreign policy, William Blake, film photography, Tom Paine, Naomi Klein, and MF DOOM records. He describes himself as a social-minded libertarian and an anti-Friedmanite, he is also an atheist.

Ending political apathy

Features writer Johnnie Bicket discusses why we need to reinvigorate British politics, and how Alternative Voting could be the solution.

Failure to act on Syria proves short-sightedness

Johnnie Bicket suggests we should be shamed as an international community for doing nothing to support Syria.

Obama’s drones dehumanise warfare

'If we keep waging war with drones, we have little chance of gaining the vital support from the communities we claim to be defending', writes Johnnie Bicket.

Living Shawshank – interactive theatre

Johnnie Bicket found himself living The Shawshank Redemption recently as part of Secret Cinema's slick interactive production.

The East Coast’s best kept secret

If you find yourself losing your mind in New York (it’s very easy to do), fly up to Maine and you’ll see just how amazing America is.

And why shouldn’t I eat a horse?

'I have very little respect for the people who eat any kind of meat, yet make a fuss at horses being eaten', says Jonnie Bicket.