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UEA Media Collective’s Platformer

The UEA Media Collective has continued its gradual branching-out into all manner of media and entertainment this academic year, particularly with the new online show on video games, Platformer, being released bimonthly on UEA TV. As Venue draws to an end this semester, let’s look back on the Let’s Play series – directed and presented…


UEA’s favourite games of the academic year

Resident Evil 2 remake (PC, PS4, Xbox One) I feared that after 20 years this remake of the survival horror classic would forget everything that made the original so special, but it pulled through with excellent results. I was especially impressed by the fear-factor brought on by Mr X, who went from an easily dispatched…


Kingdom Hearts 3

Brought to you from a wonderful seventeen-year old collaboration between Disney Interactive and Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts 3 is out after much anticipation from fans of the series. Released last month on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the game marks the final chapter in the Dark Seekers trilogy, which began back in 2002 with…


Bandersnatch: film’s attempt to capture the madness of gaming narrative

Charlie Brooker’s latest addition to the Black Mirror anthology series went down a storm with viewers across the UK last December, remaining well-recommended well into the New Year for its disturbing themes of freedom of choice and the interactive choice-driven narrative. Though the film faced its fair share of negative criticism, with some claiming that, while…


The Walking Dead: Final Season (Broken Toys)

After filing for bankruptcy in early November last year, gamers across the world were left disappointed and saddened by the end of Telltale Games’ 14-year success with their much-adored episodic adventure games. This happened in the midst of the development and release of the final season of their most favoured franchise The Walking Dead, which…


Resident Evil 2 Remake

Since the overwhelming success of the petrifying Resident Evil 7: Biohazard back in 2017, Capcom have unsurprisingly jumped onto the recent ‘remaster’ bandwagon along with the rest of gaming industry. Having released a remake of the 1996 Resident Evil late last year, in which gamers followed Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine as they attempt escape…


Recently played: Darksiders III

While being a fairly unacknowledged series in the gaming industry, Darksiders has been adored by fans of the comics and video games alike since the start of this decade. If Darksiders III – the newest title in the series – is anything to go by, it entirely makes sense why the franchise is becoming a…


Fallout 76

Last fortnight, Bethesda finally released one of the most speculated but highly anticipated releases of 2018 with quite the bang – a nuclear bang, to be more specific. This is Fallout 76, the new post-apocalyptic, vault-based and mutant-ridden action role-playing game that, for the first time in the Fallout series, features online multiplayer gameplay as…

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