Jordan Hunnisett


Review: Metro Exodus

Of the many post-apocalyptic video games released over the last decade or so, titles in the Metro franchise have often came as close to the most typical – and, in a sense, brutalistic – visions of a broken future after economic, social and environmental catastrophe. Opening with a nuclear winter that rages across what was…

Sex Survey 2019

Why it is okay to be the little spoon

The term ‘spooning’ has increasingly become part of our language over the last decade, bringing with it titles for partners in this now-celebrated cuddling act: the ‘big spoon’ and ‘little spoon’. While being the big spoon (the hugging partner) or the little spoon (the hugged partner) have always had their advantages and disadvantages – as…


UEA Media Collective’s PLATFORMER

The first episode of PLATFORMER, a new online show on video games, was released this Halloween on UEA:TV. It brings the start of a monthly Let’s Play series with host James Penny, well-known for ‘The Penny Arcade’, his gaming-music podcast on Livewire, and UEA:TV Editor and Cameraman Alex Viney. Each week, James will have a…


Life is Strange 2

An overturned police car burns in the street beside the bodies of a policeman, a teenage boy, and the victim of a disturbing public shooting. In a peaceful suburb in Oregon disaster strikes, leaving two young brothers on the run when they’re accounted for a tragedy that baffles and frights the public during an age…


War, legends and classics: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

As the developing team behind one of the most played franchises in the last decade, Ubisoft seemed to approach their award-winning Assassin’s Creed series with the perspective that ‘bigger is better’ in recent years. And although that’s run them into some trouble with previous titles, this mindset may have been just what was needed for…

Creative Writing


Wake. Spins her legs out of the bed and wipes her eyes clear. Pillows gold, daylight shimmering, a fizzling flame across her shoulder. Clock ticks above the dresser, old hands with broken tips curling inward, slicing dust as it shifts the air. She gets up and sits down again. Blinking. Blinded. Thinking. The bedroom is…


Livewire host student radio conference

UEA’s student radio station Livewire1350 hosted this year’s Student Radio Conference at the beginning of the month. The three-day event celebrates progression in student radio across the UK. The event lasted from 4-6 April, and was an opportunity for 250 students from 30 stations to develop skills, share ideas, and learn about radio from professionals…

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