Jordan Hunnisett


Livewire host student radio conference

UEA’s student radio station Livewire1350 hosted this year’s Student Radio Conference at the beginning of the month. The three-day event celebrates progression in student radio across the UK. The event lasted from 4-6 April, and was an opportunity for 250 students from 30 stations to develop skills, share ideas, and learn about radio from professionals…

Creative Writing

The Pack

‘—Südi!’ He hits the breaks and we’re thrown forward in our seats – I fling my hands onto the dash, saving myself, but I hear Silvija screech in the back as she slams against Juris’ chair. The dog slips from his perch on her lap, yelping as he topples to the floor. The headlights blink,…

Creative Writing


The cake is going stale on the table and the lemonade, well, it’s all gone flat. She sits on the floor in her little dress and Mum stands at the window, on the phone, saying, ‘No worries, it’s just such a shame that no one came!’ to this sad, cold, child’s birthday.

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