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Year of Discontent

2014 was a landmark year in video-games. As the first full year with the current generation consoles of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on the market, the ‘next-gen’ is becoming the norm in the release schedule. Despite the promise that this new generation will descend from the heavens and save us all, 2014 has…

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Review: Doctor Who Series 8

Just as it has been with every new incarnation of the enigmatic time traveller, the expectations for Peter Capaldi’s first series on Doctor Who were high. He had to make us all forget about that floppy-haired fellow who was obsessed with bow ties, and win us round to a decidedly grumpier Doctor with much bushier…

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REVIEW: Gone Girl

Going solely by the trailers, you may be forgiven for thinking that Gone Girl would be your typical thriller film. Nick and Amy Dunne (Affleck and Pike) have been happily married for five years, with Amy herself saying “everyone told us marriage is hard work. Not for me and Nick”. Yet this marriage is suddenly torn…