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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Katherine Childs



Public speaking always terrified me. I hated the sound of my own voice Amplified through the microphone, Every crack of my throat audible against the silence of...

Little Intimacies

The body is fragile. Skin soft, a pillow for the weary to lay their heads. Cheek to cheek a warm cushion. Hair entangles lovers in its...


Sharp pangs Stab my stomach On my back, In pain. A hole inside of me, I am not complete. My vagina is a gateway for the other. I want to take...

Haiku’s on A Winter Morning

Children with eyes wide, Exhale their warm breath slowly To watch the air dance. - Misty clouds of air Evaporate around me, And trouble my mind. - The frostbitten grass, waits timelessly,...


I stand on a tear stained street Caught inside an endless commute. I pour my fingers into the eyes of strangers In search of...