Katie Kemp

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A Celebration of East Anglia’s Literary Prowess

The struggles of becoming a writer can often be a strenuous process. There is the toil, rejection and constant battle to overcome self-doubt, not to mention the continual uncertainty of what’s to come. However, there is also a great sense of reward when one comes through the other end with the feeling of having uncovered…

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Review: Friday Night at the Minotaur Shorts Festival

Another night at the Theatre. Or at least, another night within the imaginative recesses of the UEA Drama Studio. Following Thursday’s impressive opening of the annual Shorts Festival, there is much anticipation in the air on entering the studio for the second round of this showcase for creative talent. Tonight, we are hurled deep into…


The beast with two covers: rethinking sexuality in the lit canon

Sex has always been controversial. The word itself is harsh on the ear – it carries heavy connotations of the snake-like, particularly through the hissing quality of its sound, bringing to mind the Serpent who led Adam and Eve away from Paradise. Consider the obscenity trials which ran throughout the 20th Century: a damning attempt…

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