Katie Kemp

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“The Last Confession of Sherlock Holmes”

To take on the revival of such an iconic character as Sherlock Holmes, particularly one so embedded in the British culture, is always a tentative game, under which one must be careful not to get caught in the shadow of one’s predecessor. Kieran Lyne, who graduated from UEA with a BA in History in June…

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On Stage: To Kill a Mockingbird Review

This iconic tale, written in the 1960s as a direct translation of the racial tensions running through Southern America in the 1930s, is one most of us have encountered – or will – at some stage in the course of our lives. It is a tale that resonates for numerous reasons, one being for its…

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New crime writing festival adds the “Noir” to Norwich

From Munich’s Krimi Festival to London’s Nordicana, crime-writing has been a long celebrated genre; cities across the world gather annually to pay homage to this ever-growing genre of writing. However, with the rise of the Scandinavian Crime novel over the past decade, the appeal of crime writing has spread at an epidemic rate. This could…

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