Kieran Burden


Kim Davis is a mere footnote in the history of the fight for marriage equality

On 26th June 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples all over the USA could get married and acquire the same legal rights as married couples of different genders. The 5-4 ruling signified the establishment of a new civil right, and a historic victory for LGBT+ advocates. Thousands of couples across the United States…


Should sugar be cut from under-16s’ diets?

Everyone has their own opinion on fizzy drinks and whether they contain an appropriate amount of sugar. Some may be avid consumers of the carbonated beverages, whilst others may avoid them in favour of healthier substitutes. Either way, it is common knowledge that fizzy drinks contain vast amounts of sugar. Despite this, people still choose…


Kieran Burden highlights concerns over the ‘Chemsex’ trend

However hard we try to deny it, within modern culture the relationship between sex and drugs is continuously present. Whether it is alcohol or Viagra, the usage of substances to increase sexual performance has become normalised within society to the extent that some are available to buy in public toilets. To a certain extent this…