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35 years of Cinema City – interview

Kieran Rogers chats to Cinema City's Jack Thompson about their upcoming 35th anniversary celebrations this April.

Roger Ebert: everyone’s favourite critic

Film editor Kieran Rogers gives a personal tribute to influential critic Roger Ebert, who died earlier this month following a decade long battle with cancer .

AnDa Union – live review

AnDa Union draw on traditional Mongolian culture to create an atmospheric tour-de-force, with voices stretching from the deepest of tones to sweeping highs.

The Art of Student Cinema: Paul Allen Interview

Paul Allen talks "student cinema" and the making and touring of his independent film, Big Font. Large Spacing.

McCullin – review

The deepest, darkest recesses of humanity are explored in this documentary detailing the life and work of war photographer Donald McCullin.

The Last Stand – review

At its best, The Last Stand is loud, unashamed and mindless. There’s fun in its action scenes because they are handled with bravado and ultra-violence.