Kirsty McAlpine

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Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Pokémon franchise returned again in November 2016 with Pokémon Sun and Moon (or Pokémon S&M – what an unfortunate abbreviation), and brought with it a startling deviation from the norm. Gyms are now gone and have been replaced with trials and grand trials, many of the original Kanto Pokémon have had a complete redesign,…

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The rise of downloadable content and microtransactions

It’s widely held that microtransactions are the Mecha-Hitler of gaming. Usually the scourge of mobile apps, they lurk in the background of every screen, dully flashing, tempting your eye, waiting for your patience to run thin. Running out of lives on Candy Crush? No matter; for a small fee, you can spend another twenty minutes…

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This year’s new games likely to disappoint

This handover issue comes at a special transitional time for us: exam season is raging, students are heading home, and no one is going to be reading Concrete right now. Therefore, there’s not much point bringing out any especially significant pieces of gaming news. Rather, enjoy a summary of this year’s releases, some light reading,…