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Cinema v home streaming

It’s lockdown three and cinemas are starved of customers, but does streaming deserve to survive as our main method of movie consumption? Is cinema or home streaming superior? For me, the lack of buffering is a colossal advantage of the cinema; who wants to have their film interrupted? But should that mean that cinema’s best?…


2021: The TV shows we’re looking forward to

WandaVision (January 15 and every following Friday, streaming on Disney+) Judging from the pre-release trailers and promo material, ‘WandaVision’ is set to be extraordinary for both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney+. Although it’s hard to tell from the scant footage released, the series will seemingly follow former Avengers Wanda Maximoff and the Vision as…


Nation Holds Remembrance Day Service

London’s March Past the Cenotaph did not take place. This due to the second national COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ in England. It normally sees 100,000 people take part. The remembrance service led by the Government took place as usual. It was on television on BBC One. Representatives from the Royal Family, the Government and the armed forces…

Books, Venue

Reading about a leader’s life

I’ve read Steve Jobs: The biography by Walter Isaacson, about the late CEO of technology company Apple. I chose it because I have purchased Apple gadgets since I was 14 and I’m interested in technology generally.  I learned that the company was started in his garage, which inspired me because it shows that anyone can…

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Dark and disturbing songs: Hurt by Johnny Cash

“Hurt” by Johnny Cash is the dark song I’ve chosen. I love the contrast of this song: it’s stripped-back, acoustic simplicity, versus it’s terrifying lyrics (“I hurt myself today”). It’s simplicity means that the focus is on Johnny Cash’s haunting vocals. The line “What have I become?” line makes you wonder what whoever wrote it…


Changing my degree out of boredom

Pretty much everything in my life changed within the space of a few hours. And why? I’ve switched courses at the UEA – from BA Politics and International Relations to BSc Psychology – 1st year on both courses. Roughly 280 people switched courses this academic year and last academic year. This is the story of…


New year, new norm

The only thing we have to fear is not being scared. No, this is not a typing error and I was not trying to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt. But it sums up how I am feeling about returning to University in September. I think I should be more worried, but I am actually extremely excited….


Life in lockdown

University teaching is out for Summer! Social distancing is now in place. You will be at home with your parents. You can no longer have hobbies that are outside. Exercise has to be once a day. Friendships, dating and seeing relatives has to be done through video calling. This is your essential survivors’ guide for…

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