Laurence Scott

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New year, new norm

The only thing we have to fear is not being scared. No, this is not a typing error and I was not trying to quote Franklin D. Roosevelt. But it sums up how I am feeling about returning to University in September. I think I should be more worried, but I am actually extremely excited….


Life in lockdown

University teaching is out for Summer! Social distancing is now in place. You will be at home with your parents. You can no longer have hobbies that are outside. Exercise has to be once a day. Friendships, dating and seeing relatives has to be done through video calling. This is your essential survivors’ guide for…


Is UEA accessible for everyone?

I felt frustrated. I felt demoralised. I still feel shocked even now. Surely my entire time at University will be better than this? Hi, my name is Laurence Scott and I’m – sort of – a first year BA International Relations and Politics student. I’m a mature student: I’m 26-years-old. 2019 was a difficult year…

TV, Venue

TV for the people!

Something has to change. I want you to imagine this: there is more of your product around than ever before, but it is less effective. That is what I think about Television. In the era of 24/7 news channels, there is less of what the media should be doing: holding politicians to account. Why has…