Leia Butler

Creative Writing

An open book

8:00 Leia Butler Confused blinks A stretch and a yawn Hesitant clumsy movements in the wake of dawn 8:05 Creased eyebrows Rumble rumble Gorging on cornflakes to appease the grumble 9:00 Arms wrapped around chest Lips starting to turn blue Toes wriggle against the fur lined shoe 12:00 Veins popping with hues of purple and…


Max Hastings at the 2018 Autumn Literary Festival

Max Hastings, the award-winning author, British journalist and foreign correspondent for the BBC delighted members of the public when he appeared at UEA on the 14th of November to discuss his 2018 release, Vietnam: An Epic History of A divisive War 1945-1975. Christopher Bigsby begins the session by introducing Max, commenting on the “innumerable wars”…

Creative Writing

“Please can I have a bedtime story?”

You beg for a story, it’s long past your bedtime, But I suppose one little tale wouldn’t be a crime, I’ve only just come out to say hello, From the murky depths of your bed below You reach out to feel me, you want a hug Your scent intoxicates me, my own personal drug Breathe…


Rose Tremain at the 2018 Autumn Literary Festival

When the multi award-winning novelist Rose Tremain, CBE, enters Lecture Theatre 1 on Wednesday 17th of October, a ring of applause erupts from the audience. Christopher Bigsby introduces her as having lived in Norwich for 35 years, and as a publisher of 14 novels and 20+ radio plays. Her novels are set everywhere from Denmark…


Britain on film: Black Britain, hosted by Creative Matters

Ranging from 1901-1985, across different regions in the UK, ‘Britain on film: Black Britain’, beautifully encapsulates the black journey of joy and struggle. From ‘A Nigerian Wedding in Cornwall’ (1964), to an interesting discussion into the ethics of marijuana in ‘The Jan People’ (1981), the film explores deep and heart-breaking issues that black people faced…

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