Leia Butler

#BLM, Film, Venue

Righting our Wrongs

Films can be a great educational tool, but how do we use them to educate without continuing to give offensive media a platform? HBO Max sparked a conversation when they removed Gone with the Wind from their streaming services because of its highly problematic representation of themes including slavery. While many people agree this is…


2021 travel hotspot predictions

With many holidays put on hold for this summer, many people are getting through by planning next year’s holiday instead! But with so my places to choose from, where will be the priority, and what have holiday lovers missed the most?  Bali  Bali is such a popular holiday destination due to its beautiful aesthetic. We’ve…


You signed the contract, pay the rent

Although these are unprecedented times, bills still need to be paid, and I don’t see why uni students should be exempt from paying their rent for student let houses. Make the most of your new found free time and do some thinking about responsible living and use this isolation time to get your head together…

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