Leia Butler

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Body text

Wear Times new roman, not calibri (body) that’s what everyone else is doing Squeeze a size 12 into a 10 Personal space please Too short… you need to be at least 2 times and lines longer…………………………………………………. Your body needs to stand out a little more That colour washes you out You are looking quite wide…


Universities to scrap predicted grades

Universities could be scrapping predicted grades as part of their entry systems. The new review comes after most universities have been scrapping unconditional offers in the last few years. A potential outcome from these new discussions about university admissions processes might see applications being delayed until after A-level results day. This may mean that students…


Music poll:

Is chart music in decline?  No – 8 Yes- 2 Is it still relevant?  Yes –  Leia Butler The music charts are such an important part of the music industry. It is how artists can measure success against each other, determined by who sells the most, and in turns tells listeners which music is most…


In favour of all-inclusive

Unlimited food, unlimited snacks, unlimited drinks, and unlimited freedom- what’s not to love about all-inclusive holidays?  As a student, I do tend to gravitate more towards all-inclusive holidays purely because I know that everything is paid for. If I am travelling to a new place where I won’t be sure of the prices and how…

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