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Hendrickje Stoffels by Rembrandt My special gem is the ‘Portrait of Hendrickje Stoffels’ by Rembrandt that hangs in the London National Gallery. While the painter tends to be well known for his dark and stoic portraits of wealthy men, this piece is a tender and intimate creation stemming from love and admiration. It’s a gem…

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Music Mavericks: Mark E Smith

Few musicians have been as enigmatic and irascible as the late Mark E Smith. As leader of post-punk renegades ‘The Fall’, for 40 years, Smith took a new approach to being a frontman. He showed that there was no need for singing, when you could just mumble passages of prose and not lyrics. Just like…

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Fontaines D.C. a portrait of the artists as young men

Monday night at the LCR, the start of the working week, and I’m about to be hit by the raucous sound of Ireland. Everyone is packed like sardines. The breath of someone behind me running down the nape of my neck. To say Fontaines D.C, have had a hell of a year would be incredibly…


Oxford proposes dropping Homer and Virgil

The University of Oxford’s Classics department are proposing to drop traditional authors of classical texts, including Homer and Virgil, in an attempt to reduce the state school intake gap. This is a result of what the university says has been the lower uptake of students taking Latin and Greek studies at A-Level. Traditional subjects such…


Music Snobs of the World: Disunite!

A common but complex problem existing in many music communities is the sheer levels of elitist snobbery some people display. As somebody who has been writing about music in-depth for a few years now, I have, on many occasions, been labelled as such (it’s part of the job). However, something that I’ve been compelled to…

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Age restrictions on literature

Since the dawn of art and the invention of the printing press, there has been art and literature that experiments with the public consciousness by testing the barrier of decency. This has been an original part of the artistic process and insofar as it is still in tact, should prevail. By this, I mean how…

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Not your typical girls

The early 1990s, and in the underbelly of America’s north-west coast, a new slice of anarchy was cutting through social conventions and norms. The foundations of this movement lay deep in the D.I.Y methods of punk rock and its aggressive fist, waiting to break into the glass ceiling of punk music and the subculture at…

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